Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #1

Miss Tracy here, and I would like to personally welcome you to
 Day #1 of our 12 Days of Ornaments feature presented by 
The Little Blue House!
Over the next 12 days, we will feature a unique hand-made ornament and a full tutorial for you. We hope that you will be inspired to craft along with us and enjoy the new techniques and tips that we will be sharing with you!

You will also have a chance to WIN the featured ornament that day by leaving comments on each blog post and becoming a follower of our blog. Tomorrow, we will post the winner for Day #1's ornament and so on. 12 Winners in all!!!

Introducing Ornament #1...
My Christmas Cork Tree Ornament
Designed by: Tracy Pounds

As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of repurposing "old' items and that's exactly what I did with these recycled wine corks. You can easily recreate these ornaments and we have tons of wine corks and the other supplies that you will need all available at the LBH.

Miss Tracy's "How To":

Supplies needed:
Wine Corks
Ribbon & Tinsel
Paint (optional)
Decorative Brads or Tacks
Glue Gun, Helmar 450 Tacky Glue

 Begin by positioning your wine corks in a pyramid shape. 
Hot glue them together.
Trim one cork down using your scissors to create a trunk for your Cork Tree. Hot Glue to the bottom center of your tree.
Here is what it will look like once glued.
I really like the look of the natural corks, but if you would rather have a more traditional tree, you could paint the tree portion green and the trunk a brown or gold.
I wanted to add a little sparkle to my Cork Tree so I cut strips of tinsel (Tim Holtz/Ranger) and glued a small strip to each valley between the corks. I used Helmar 450 for this step.
I also cut some small nips of tinsel and applied a dot of glue in between my corks on the front and back of my cork tree. I tucked the tinsel nips into these areas.

Next, adorn your Cork Tree with decorative brads or tacks. I used my paper piercer to start the hole and then just pushed the brads and tacks right into the corks. Very easy to do!
To create the ribbon topper for your Cork Tree, cut two pieces of ribbon (one 6 in. and one 16in.) and glue the shorter piece onto the top center of your tree. 
Take the longer piece of ribbon and create a loop on one end. Glue each loop in place using hot glue or Helmar 450 Tacky Glue.
Continue gluing loops like the picture below...
Glue the tail of the ribbon to the center of the bow to create a hanger. It will look like this when you are through...
Now glue the looped bow to your tree directly on top of the small piece that you glued on previously. 
To be sure that the bow stays secure through the years, you could push a decorative tack down through the center of the loop hanger into the top cork.  Now all that's left to do is hang it on the tree. These would also be cute as standing decorations too!

I hope you were inspired by my tutorial today and will try making some of these charming ornaments. Don't forget to post your comments for a chance to WIN this ornament! Share with me anything that you may have repurposed over the years into an ornament or other Christmas decoration?? As a child, my brother and I used to make rings out of rolled foil and link them together for garland on our tree...and I still have a cardboard manger ornament made by one of my daughter's many years's so cute...Baby Jesus is actually a peanut (still in the shell) swaddled in a little scrap of fabric. I'll treasure it forever!!!

Happy Crafting & Merry Christmas!
Miss Tracy :)
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  1. Ok I love it.. and I want to make one now too... Thanks Miss Tracy.,..

  2. I really love this now i just need some wine corks

  3. Cute! I've been saving my wine corks for something fun!!!

  4. We have a ton of wine corks available at the week we will be selling them 3 for $1...This is a very fun and easy ornament to make...Hope you'll create some for your tree!

  5. Thank you, Tracy, for sharing your "12 Days of Ornaments" tutorials. Day #1 is so cute. I'd love to have a little "forest" of these trees for my dining room table.

  6. So cute and I know someone who has a bunch of these corks! Thanks Tracy

  7. You are so crafty. Love the ornament. I will have to try my hand at making a few :)

  8. This is so cute! I have some corks I can use to make my own! I used to make ornaments out of walnut shells to be like little nests for a bird.....filled them with pine needles and put glitter around the edge.....good memories!

  9. What a great idea. We have several repurposed popsicle stick reindeers and pipe cleaner candy canes that adorn our tree each year.

  10. Yay! I can actually follow along this year since I'm not hosting a bunch of Holiday parties this year!

  11. Very cute... I can't wait to see what else is coming up in the next 11 days!

  12. What a great little ornament to start your series with. Cute, cute, cute!

  13. Cute and such a great little ornament for my wine-loving friends! Thanks, Tracy

  14. My favorite 2 weeks of the year have finally arrived!! Such a cute ornament, Tracy! Now, I'll just have to get Neil to get off his diet and chug a few bottles of wine real quick!
    We always went to Austin, TX every Thanksgiving to visit my 2 aunts and during the holiday we would go to Bastrop State Park to gather pinecones, then add glue and glitter and hang them on the Christmas tree or use as home decor.

  15. I am so excited about the tutorials for the 12 Days of Ornaments. Thank you, all of you, at LBH for doing this for us. I love the wine cork tree and I cant wait to make it. Thank you, Miss Tracy, for inspiring me to craft and create!

  16. Very cute idea, love the tutorial. Guess I better start drink more wine and remembering to save those corks. TFS

  17. Very cute! Thanks for sharing the idea with us.

  18. Such a wonderful idea. When my children were small we made snow globes from baby food jars.

  19. Thanks for such a great idea! I wanted to take something to our wine-drinking friends tomorrow when we have dinner at their house - I came across this and with my cork stash, I made one in about half an hour!! Super cute and easy - plan to make more for stocking stuffers!!!

  20. Love this cute idea! Gonna make one as soon as round up some corks!


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